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A perso. Who has a really good looking penis, atleast in the mid 7,s to 8's in length with a girth, whom uses it both, Like a jack hammer and also knows how to do it slow in a circular motion. And for a very long time. Usually can cum 3-4 and sometime throughout the night. Most remarkably he can wake you up with it, usually around 3am after a very intense earlier night of sex. The spotlight is when your a sleep and he's behind you in the spoon position, feels that even though you are a sleep but your pussy is still wet and ready. He starts very slow, introducing just the head into you, also
( must have a good mushroom head on his unit. ) This pleasures the sides of your lips and on entry makes you immediately start to become even wetter. Then he proceeds to cross your legs and continues to thrust deep inside at a rather vigorous speed. Pulling your hips so as to pleasure you very deeply until both of you cum at once.
Yes, I'm not kidding, he woke me up with such a passionate thrust, "I knew he he had a Bionic Penis.
by SuperBionicUnit April 10, 2016
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