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1. (pronoun/profrag) When some thing is so big it becomes big cao. However, this word was too epic to put in lowercase so it must be written in uppercase letters. It is also a very pro noun therefore it is pronoun.
2. (noun) Someone who can play epic alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, trombone, piano, and the computer. Twice! He also has a quite big right bicep (compared to his left) and a 35 inch vertical.
Note: Profrags are merely sentence fragments that are pro
1. Maziye (look it up) is so not a BIG CAO because he sucks at everything.
2. Dude that babe is such a BIG CAO, she is too epic.
3. BIG CAO's poem "I Hear Concordia Singing" got the most votes today on creativity.
4. BIG CAO doesn't eat with a fork. The fork eats with him.
5. Shi Zhuo Looi is not a BIG CAO.
6. BIG CAO. (this is a sentence because BIG CAO is not only a pronoun, it's a profrag)
7. Omgitspeter5 just headshotted BIG CAO.
8. BIG CAO was impossible to kill.
9. BIG CAO used spray liek shitzzz!
10. BIG CAO KO'ed Omgitspeter5.
11. BIG CAO just met Huge Cao...uh oh!
by BIG CAO January 11, 2011
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