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One might use this word to describe an individual without a penis. This term usually comes into play when describing the so-called "male" individual to a member of the opposite sex without alerting the person afflicted with the disease. This may be translated into "Boy Has No Penis" or whatever else your heart desires it to be. The medical term for this illness is sometimes referred to as "Inverted Penis".
"It's kinda funny that BHNP" - Guy #1
"Dude, that's not funny at all. It's a serious medical condition known as Inverted Penis" - Guy #2

"Hey maybe you should post fliers warning women to stay cautious because BHNP" - Guy #1
"I am way ahead of you, man! I already scattered them across the entire floor of our school" - Guy #2
"Wait, did you just say that BHNP?" - Girl #1
"Yes, please read the fliers all over the floor" - Guy #2
"Oh my god... Like no way! Hey did you hear that BHNP?" - Girl #1
"Eeewwwwyyyyy! That's just gross. Like, why is he so disgusting?" - Girl #2
"He was born with a sexually threatening deformation called Inverted Penis. It prevents him from being a man and does not allow him to carry on the family name." - Guy #1
"So then how does he fuck hot and bothered girls like me?" - Girl #1
"Sadly for him, he just can't... It's not physically possible. But lucky for you, I am always available to take his place and skull fuck your brains out." - Guy #2
"Mmmm, now I don't care that BHNP because you're making me so wet right now. Fuck me like I've never been fucked before!! Talk dirty to me!" - Girl #1
"I will! Shut the fuck up you slutty whore skankasaurus piece of pussy ass! Now fuck me, beautiful!!" - Guy #2
"OH BOB SAGET!! Count me in. I love long legged pissed off puerto ricans!" - Girl #2
"Fuck you bitch! I'm gonna put you in your place!" - Guy #2
"Ohh yes baby!!! Uhhhh! Mmhhmmm!! As long as my place is on you're dick!" - Girl #2
"You cunt ass nigger faggot! You already know that it is!" - Guy #2
"Let's go do this then!!!" - Girl #1
"Shut your face you nasty cock whore! I will fuck you when I am good and ready!" - Guy #2
"...Yes Master." - Girl #1

"As you can see from the last example, talking about people with Inverted Penis can really fuck up a situation. Things like this should not happen just because BHNP." - Guy #1
by J. Rocket June 28, 2009
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