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You're a BFIS 8th grader if..:

1. You complain about almost everything (including 4 questions for homework, seating arrangements, etc)

2. You throw something at least once a day

3. If you're a girl, then you spank guys

4. If you're a boy, you're in for lunch detention with Mr. McKee with 5 other guys at least once a week

5. There's no popluarity contest, but instead, a fashion contest for girls only. (You have so many clothes, you never wear the same clothes until 2 months later)

6. You hate teachers who aren't funny

7. You're either friends with Spanish people (you need to know fluent Spanish/Catalan), Americans (you need to have at least lived in America once and you know a lot of Life Stories), or with the Asians (Straight A's and all you talk about is school and manga)

8. You worship The Calculator and you wail if you're not allowed to use it

9. You wear stuff that is RIGHT on the borderline of the Dress Code

10. You're not afraid to talk about Sex, pornography, menustration, Teenage pregnancy, etc opennly; even to or in front of the teachers.

11. You were trusted to keep a secret but you tell your best friend since you trust him/her. But your best friend tells another friend and...

12. If you're a boy, you enjoy making girls' days worse

13. If you're a girl, you enjoy dissing guys

14. If you're a girl, you think grades is what keeps you alive

15. You have a loud voice

16. You love to hear Childhood stories from teachers

17. You always ask if you can listen to your iPod

18. You own an iPod mini, a camera-color cell phone, a laptop, and/or a digital camera of your own
1. "I'm a proud BFIS 8th grader!"
by BFIS 8th grader March 08, 2006
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