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The BFF syndrome can be compared to an extreme case of bromance or the Chris Brown syndrome. A female will show signs of this syndrome, when she feels the need to continuously introduce her friend as her "BFF" to everyone; even the old man at the corner of Yonge and Dundas who screams "JESUS!" Yes, I know you know who that is! The BFF syndrome has physical affects on the fingers. The affected female may begin to text or dial the number of her friend profusely, many times during a day. A female who exhibits signs of the BFF syndrome becomes aggressive, obssessive, and possessive when she may not be able to get a hold of her friend. WARNING: Do not show her that you are rejecting or dismissing her. She will snap like a purity belt on Kim Kardashian. Lastly, the final sign of the syndrome, is when there is no consensus between both parties that there is a legitimate friendship.
Those who exibit the bff syndrome infamously are Tara Ried and Lindsay Lohan. You try to get rid of them, but they always find their way back.
by FloeticPeace May 27, 2009
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