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Brute Force Exam Technique. A phrase coined by desperate students regarding examinations in education, it is used to desribe a method of attempting to pass a test that one believes they have a very small chance of passing, just by using knowledge or skill in the area (due to lack of intelligence, revision, etc). BFET essentially consists of pushing through questions with great speed, using general knowledge and common sense to carry you as far as possible, without being well-taught in the subject area. It requires precusory experience with exam boards and the style of papers they typically set, which enables you to include various things that you know will pick up marks (such as citing sources, using correct spelling and including random words/placenames/people relevant to the topic, despite having no actual content in your answer).

BFET is a more thoughtful, more risky, but less arrogant alternative to "blagging it".
Mark: Gee, that Biology paper was hard man! I only studied Physics.

Matt: I know dude, I just used BFET and pushed through it.

Mark: Sweet
by thehallway October 26, 2010
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