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be-ku-do (be cool tho)

To relax, to give a sense of hope. To be cool, even though everything
hasn't gone your way

Examples: IF... you lose the championship game BEKUDO

IF... your dreams don't come true (yet) BEKUDO

IF... your boyfriend or girlfriend dumps you BEKUDO

IF... someone you loved died BEKUDO

IF... you don't get the part you've really worked hard for BKD

IF... you can't pay the rent BEKUDO

IF... you don't make the team BEKUDO

IF... you don't get the grade you wanted BEKUDO

BECAUSE everything will be okay

Friend 1: Man, my wife cheated on me with my own brother

Friend 2 : DAAAAAMMMMMNNNN that's messed up. But all in all just Bekudo in a minute she gone see what she missed.
by Jesse Jackson Williams III January 06, 2013
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