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BCBGz stands for British Columbia Brown Girlz, and they are heavily populated in the city of Surrey. They are crazy bitches and common characteristics of a BCBG include:
- loud, dramatic conversations on the cellphone with their friend about how a cute brown boy in class asked to borrow their pencil
- shopping at Guess outlet stores and owning Guess logo shirts emblazoned with rhinestones, carrying small Guess purses (or DKNY, when they feel like upgrading), and wearing puffy Rocawear jackets
- they wear 50 pounds of blue eyeshadow to go with their suits
- they like to straighten their hair
- they like to go to dances and hall parties. When their song comes on the speakers they go crazy.
- they find everything you say humorous and they are always in disbelief
- have curfews at 10 o'clock. If they are allowed past 10, they lie to their parents and tell them they are at a friend's birthday party
- their favourite TV show is Prison Break and their favourite movies include Step Up and Step Up 2.
- a BCBG is always looking for a fight with other BCBGz
- they are scared of large dogs
- they always get ready for an event in large groups
BCBG #1 enters a friend's house party:
BCBG #1 - "OHHHH! THANK YOU. HE IS SOOO CUTEEEEE! OMGAWDUH,he texted me yesterday and asked if i was comin' to your PARTAYY but i said not at the time 'cus i knew my masi wouldn't let me out, but i told her i was working late, OHHH SHITTAA
BCBG #1 - OMGAWDUH, you are so smart!
Usher feat. L'il John - 'YEAH' plays in the background
BCBG #2 - OMGAWDUH, that's our song!
BCBGz start dancing in the living room floor

by Sellina Tung March 09, 2008
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