Black Berry, Black Berry Messaging, Black Berry Messenger
anything that is a Black Berry is a BBMer. All of the above are considered a BBMer, it is a universal word for the Black Berry phone.

Pronounced- Bee-Bee-Em-Er

When saying BBMer one term is only allowed per sentence, so you cannot refer to a black berry phone and black berry messaging as BBMer right after. example (My BBMer's BBMers are full) that would be considered wrong.
Example 1

Guy #1: Hey nice BBMer
Guy #2: Thanks man I bought it yesterday

Example 2

Guy #1: I lost my BBMer yesterday
Guy #2: seriously, Ill BBM your BBMer to see if someone found it.

Wrong Guy #2: Guy #2: seriously, Ill BBMer your BBMer to see if someone found it.
by WeThePublic June 18, 2010
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