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BBHMW is an acronym for Big-Boned, Hairy, Mexican Woman. BBHMW's are often found at county fairs, one-dollar stores, Costcos, and in the city of Los Angeles. When spotted, they usually puff out their chest in an attempt to attract members of the opposite (or same) sex. They wear copious amounts of foundation and eye-liner, despite their dark complexions, and can easily be referred to as "Cake-Faced." They have adapted to their hostile environment by developing large, gelationous love-handles, for easy gripping during sexual intercourse. BBHMW's will most always be on the bottom. Few have tried it the other way around, but they most often end up flirting with death. They usually travel in groups, consisting of women of equal, if not greater, mass. When you approach them, be extremely cautious, as almost anything can arouse their interest sexually. Their most potent form of defense is their pungent scent emanating from their lower regions and their ability to smother white males through flirtatious advances. Be wary of the lone BBHMW as she is sure to be searching for a partner(s) for the night. Be very cautious around BBHMW's.
Guy 1: Dude, did you hear what happened to Riley the other day?

Guy 2: No, what happened?

Guy 1: Apparently, he got smothered by a FUCKING slaggy BBHMW!

Guy 2: Hohohohoho, what a fine lass!
by TheCaptainsCrew July 23, 2011
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