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When an individual posts something on a newsgroup or message board that was already posted by someone else, somone will call out that individual by typing "BB2N" to signify that it was already mentioned. Normally the individual who receives the "BB2N" didn't have the common courtesy to read through the whole thread or board to see that another person already posted the same thing. It's roots are from when numerous posts were made on the Villanova Benchwarmers message board on about Bilal Benn, a former Villanova University basketball player, transferring to Niagara University.
Guest A: Jamie Moyer sucks. I'm glad he's injured. Hopefully he'll be out fot the season.

Username A: I'm hearing that the Phillies might get Roy Oswalt.

Guest B: I've read that Jamie might need Tommy John surgery and if that's the case, I'd say his career might be over.

Guest C: I hope not. He's been really good this year.

Guest D: Rumor is that the Phils are interested in Roy Oswalt.

Guest A: Guest D: "Rumor is that the Phils are interested in Roy Oswalt." BB2N
by HallBall August 10, 2010
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