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/bee-six-thirteen-ing/ when a TV show, that was good, runs out of ways to raise the stakes way too early and goes completely off the rails getting convoluted as fuck and loosing all of the things that made the show special in the first place. Usually, though not always, this involves the introduction of science fiction into an otherwise just fiction show.

The term is derived from a particularly unnerving instance of this phenomenon; the introduction of B6-13 and Olivia Pope's terrible parents into Scandal when it still had the slight potential to get its shit together and be acceptable television starring the most beautiful woman alive.

Can be conjugated as B6-13ing or B6-13ed
"I'm sad that Jane the Virgin is ending next season, but also happy that it won't get the chance to B6-13 itself...."
"The L Word B6-13ed after the first 20 minutes of its first episode of its first season."
"Community's one show that I would have liked to see B6-13, you know after Donald Glover left."

"You think OITNB will survive its B6-13 years and grow up to love itself?"
by sue.donym July 24, 2018
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