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Not to be confused with the almost human droid C-3PO from Star Wars, B3D is very much human and is an acronym for "Big Burly Biker Dude". B3D fits the older biker guy persona, but our B3D is somewhat self-educated, gainfully employed and had a vast plethora of friends. B3D was best known as being a blast to hang out with at social gatherings, he was usually the first to partake in the sport of adult beverage consumption and then on to the second favorite adult guy sport, the never ending snatch hunt which usually gets pretty focking hilarious in its results. Most times, snatch hunting (not to be confused with snipe hunting) results in nothing but hard "dik" and a "pearl oyster" being lodged between the thigh skin and the inside of a pair of blue jeans (not to worry though…."pearl oysters" will come out of clothes during the “hand-wash” cycle in your washing machine).
OK gang, what’s up for later??? I dunno, let’s catch up to B3D and let the entertainment commence...
by Dawgum April 15, 2010
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