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B.G.O.D stands for Bike Gang Or Die. Coming from the slang "Taylor Gang or Die", BGOD was made by a couple of high school teenagers and it's catching on. BGOD is all fixed or single speed riders, but it doesn't exclude those with gears and brakes. Anyone with a bike is welcome.
Guy 1: Hey dude isn't that B.G.O.D?
Guy 2: Yea dude, they must be rolling deep today!
by PistaIroPakeOrigin8 May 11, 2011
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A bGod is a semi-technical term that stands for big Group of disks. It is the way to organize a number of computer hard drives that needs no technical or computer skill whatsoever and when the user has no idea what a "raid" is. bGod's are usually used when users upgrade computers and keep the old hard drive with all their information, to have C:, D:, E: through J: or K: drives.
Poor college students that build computers with old, bad, hard drives and a cheap motherboard often use bGod
by joecuki September 09, 2008
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(Bath Gang Or Die) group created by some average kids living in Bath, Ohio. Most likely to be found deep in the bath cave . Tend to take daily ventures into the creek waterfall where you can find your inner self in the rushing white waters. This is the most exclusive gang that anyone could ever be apart of
Guy 1: Dude can I be in BGOD!?

BGOD member: take a journey and find yourself in the waterfall and we'll talk
by Bath Gang April 09, 2014
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