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Short for Botoxasaurus Wrecks. Refers to a particular kind of woman. She is late 40s to early 50s in age, but dresses like a teenager. She has had some sort of cosmetic "enhancement" that makes her body look unnatural in proportion. B. Wrecks is perma-tanned, wears sunglasses indoors, and treats those around her as if they were less than dirt. Prances around on high heels (even when going to the drug store) and carries her Louis Vuitton/Coach/Dooney & Bourke bag in the crook of her elbow, forcing her posture into that of the T. Rex.
"If that B. Wrecks doesn't get off her damned cell phone when I'm ringing her out, I'm going to slap her - and her little dog, too."

"So pathetic to see a B. Wrecks in the rain. I'm sure she's sad that she looks like a zebra now, but you sure can't tell from her expression."
by lautaylo March 30, 2010
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