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A very sweet beautiful person. She is pretty but don't let her bitch loose. She speaks her mind. Although this kid is loud, wild, and crazy she loves all her friends; once you get to know her you will understand her a little. She will never be fully understood because she doesn't except all her goods, its very hard to make her happy. She is truly sweet to people she loves. So don't be an ass. She will try her best to make you happy but don't get complicated because she gets frustrated easily. She will always try her best to be a great person but don't make her try to hard. She is very emotional; this mean, vicious little human actually is very fragile, she cries herself to sleep and thinks bout suicide. She thinks a lot;she thinks a little to much. She is very creative. In general she is unique! For goodness sake look at her name!!
Guy,"oooo daym who is that?!?!"

Friend,"shit, you dont know?? Thats Azzantee!"
by smexay beast November 13, 2013
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