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The Magestic Azpack. It has a Mohawk, prominent snout, convex hooves, one hump and when in water it can ink like a squid. It has the softest fur in the world but it cannot be touched, because it will make the Azpack multiply. It is an omnivore. There is only one in existence. There were two but one got pushed off a cliff in an attempt to get a genie lamp. The Azpack is the only known natural enemy of the Chupacabra. It speaks in dubstep and is the only animal that listens to dubstep. It loves the smell of paprika. Azpacks are lactose intolerant. Their tears cure the common cold. It eats rainbows and poops butterflies. Comes from the Latin for "Prominent Snout".
Although I have never seen the Azpack, I have heard its dubstep cries several times.
by Punkindrublic94 July 25, 2011
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