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A narcissistic individual whose very presence makes people dumber each passing moment from their immense aura of stupidity. They commonly frequent forums and other social media, vainly attempting to show how superior they are while spouting racism and other obscene insults that are hardly understandable.

Not much else is known about them, other then that they've spent time in prison for child molestation. This comes about as a curiousity, as it must be hard to molest something when your man-pride is the size of a tic-tac. One can assume this as one of life's many mysteries. Azimak also seems to have a collective cult of retards that constantly kiss each other's asses and try to act cool by ganging up on people on the internet.
Azimak is comparable to a complete dumbass. There's your example.
by Wallabango April 29, 2011
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