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Azarak, affiliated with Zimra. Sex seems not to matter to Azarak, as he/she constantly changes between male and female. Azarak is most famously known as Zimra's identical twin brother. They have been known to have teamed up together to fight many evils, or fight each other for no good reason at all. Anyone with earshot will most likely be confused.
<Azarak> I believe that the aforementioned statement was directly contradictrary with the fact that you just stipulated twenty seconds ago therefore you have no basis upon which to base your information.
<Zimra> Screw you.
by Nicholas Marsh March 17, 2005
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Azarak, affiliated with Zimra. Usually the female counterpart that hangs around with him and causes Zimra to be referred to as a lady. Azarak and Zimra are famously known for their slow internet connection, which has to be seen to be believed.
<mmix> i dl acro in 3 day lol
<Azarak> we had to download it over 2 weeks, only half finished it, and had to get it mailed
<Zimra> yeah our connection sucks
<mmix> lol wdf is ur con?
by Nicholas Marsh March 16, 2005
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