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Is pretty retarded.
Has a hot girlfriend :)
Looks like a dinosaur.
Is sooooooo random.
Is a good guy.
Little bit forward at times.
Very muscular & SUPPPER HOT

"I know, he's so Aysar"
by Kayley Machadell May 17, 2010
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Aysar is a stupid guy.Who hurts people.He is very popular.But is hated by all the girls .
But most of the girls like him but don't admit it . Aysar has a crush on the most popular girl in school and may also have a crush on a not so popular girl in school.
Aysar is a snitch(complain box)
Aysar is good at sports.Aysar is nit scared of anyone.Aysar is the most annoying person you can meet.
Kim:Look at that guy

Lisa:He looks so annoying
Kim:Looks like we have found Aysar
by Kim TaTa May 30, 2018
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