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What happens when a person first rejects altruist, collectivist, and mystical morality for a rationally self-interested one. It generally lasts a short time, but can have long term negative consequences for the self-interested individual. Until the individual sorts out his new values and long term goals, they walk around insulting altruists and people that value/love them; being worried that they have been taken advantage of by those they previously valued.
Ayn Rand effect:
Son: I've been reading Ayn Rand, and her book has lead me to question all my relationships. She says that collectivism is a sin and thus just because I belong to a race, family, nation or other group, it doesn't mean that it's in my self-interest to believe as they do. I need to have my own objective reasoning.

Father: So your rejecting your religion, family and everything I ever taught you because of a book?

Son: Well, I just don't think it's a justification for a morality anymore.

Father: I'm writing you out of my will. How's that for being rationally self-interested?
by Guidewog September 11, 2011
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Treating your friends, family, and co-workers like a self-important prick for a short period of time following the completion of any work written by the philosopher and author Ayn Rand. The strength and duration of the effect is directly proportional to the length of the work read.
Co-worker #1: Hey, what's with Steve? I asked him to sponsor me in the Cancer walk this weekend and he told me I was evil.
Co-worker #2: Oh, it must be the Ayn Rand effect. I saw him reading 'The Fountainhead' in the break room.
by Joe Everyman April 05, 2007
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