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A very small town located in southern Virginia. You won't find much there except for a bunch of farms and trailor parks. Axton just got it's first stoplight a couple years ago. Only other thing is a post office, a not-so-good resturaunt, elementary school and 4738056271 small baptist churches. Everybody knows everybody in Axton! The people there are somewhat friendly; just watch out for drunks walking the roads at night! For fun in Axton there is plenty of farm land to go ride fourwheelers on and go muddin and hunt and throw field parties in the summer. That's pretty much it.
Guy 1: Hey man! you wanna go muddin this weekend down in Axton, VA??

Guy 2:Yeah I know a farm we could go to!
by youdontknowme2 February 10, 2011
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