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A term used towards Rusthovens or redheaded people to express sympathy or to indicate that this is "someone's day"

Also an expression used in sadness when something bad has happened to a Rusthoven (typically something involving Chris Andersen, a Rusthoven's natural enemy)
Rusty: Chris Andersen just pooped on my head, he's a faggot
Max: Aww Little Rusty

Steve Kerr: And Raymond Felton is at the top of the key, and he dishes the ball to Chris Andersen.

Reggie Miller: And the Birdman with a savage dunk. He is doing his bird dance, oh and whats this, he is now pooping on a fans head.

Steve Kerr: Aww Little Rusty
by Rumblefighterbro June 04, 2011
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