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After making Awkward Turtle and the lovely Awkward Turtle makes Babies, if the awkward moment continues to persist (and refuses to be broken with verbal acknowledgment), the right Awkward Turtle Baby gets carried off by a seagull (signified by your hand shaking and floating up and to the right) and the left Awkward Turtle Baby drowns in the roaring tide of awkwardness (signified by your hand shaking and falling down and to the left). Thus killing the awkward moment in it's entirety.
Creepy guy at work: Hey girl...

Girl: .....*awkward turtle*

Creepy guy at work: You wanna come to a show with me on saturday?

Girl: ......*awkward turtle makes babies*

Creepy guy at work: ..You can bring your boy. I'll pay.

Girl: ............................*Awkward turtles babies die*
by Stiffeh March 09, 2010
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