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In an awkward situation, this is a position one makes by putting his/her head down while the mouth is closed and the lips are crunched together firmly. This position is quick and easy and works well in any situation whether it be just a little awkward or really awkward.
Example #1 - (Ryan and Stephanie run into each other in the grocery store line)
Ryan - "Hey how have you been?"
Stephanie - "Great! you?"
Ryan - "Oh good we should hang out sometime."
Stephanie - "Yeah I know it's been a while i'll call you sometime"
Ryan - "Sounds good!"
(5 seconds of silence)
Ryan - *Awkward Hunch*

Example #2 - (Ryan has dinner with his friend James, James's parents, and James's girlfriend Stephanie)

James - "So I found out Ryan slept with Stephanie, isn't that good to know everyone?!?
Parents - *Shocked faces*
Stephanie - *Argues back*
Ryan - *Awkward Hunch*
by AlexG0773 December 17, 2008
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