v. a person who sticks out in social situations

not well liked

usually used as a filler person at parties when you need a even number

someone you feel bad for, but still is not generally liked
wow um... your brothers here... thats a little awkward panda isn't it?


ok were are inviting the awkward panda because we need an even number at the party but there will be alot of people so you wont have to talk to him/her
by The Great and Powerful Oracle October 26, 2009
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One who is perpetually on a diet but nonetheless continues to consume a disporportionately massive amount of food.

One, like songminjae, who speaks, pauses and laughs intermittently. However, this is not done for comedic effect, but is indicative of what might be a more serious speech impediment.
I thought.. hhahaha.. I was more of a awkward lesser panda.. haha
by UPenn Law May 30, 2011
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