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1. Walking with someone you don't really know. At first, there's conversation, but after you run out of things to say, you walk in silence. Most awkward during long walks.

2. The way the kid walks who smells bad, has curly hair, long neck, and glasses.
1. Me and Jen had an awk walk when heading towards the bus stop.

2. The kid with the awk walk just wiped his snot on his sleeve and tripped!
by White Lynch February 10, 2009
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The journey from one class to another where someone says somthing religiously emotionaly or politicaly offensive that causes an awkward walk.
Andrew asked jason if he had an attraction to dolphins, it was a sexually confusing AwkWalk
by jmar123 February 06, 2013
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noun. The situation occurring on a narrow footpath where the person ahead of you is walking at a marginally slower pace. Thus when overtaking, there exists an extended and awkward transition period of 5-10 seconds ('awksition' if you will) where you and the overtakee are walking directly alongside one another.

The effect is compounded when the path is deserted but for you and the overtakee, as there is no extraneous noise/action to divert attention from your awkwalk.

For maximum awkwardness, stumbling and falling over while attempting to overtake is recommended.
Friend: Get home alright last night?
Me: Yeah, it was all g except I had a bit of an awkwalk at the end with some slow-walking dude.
Friend: Dang! I hate that.
Me: Yeah, it was dark and deadly silent too. That 5 second awksition felt like an eternity.
Bystander (possibly female and attractive): That is such good observational humor lingo!
by 2alluh8ers August 31, 2011
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