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1. A commonly used protest to an uncommenly stupid or ridiculous comment. The phrase was first coined by the 18th century scotish philosopher David Hume in his 1751 book "An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals".

2. The most common and non fallacious arguement against Nihilism.

3. An advanced tactic used by police negotiators

4. The mating call of Hispanics.
1. Girl in tears: i can't let him leave me for that tramp! I'm just going to get pregnant and claim that the child is his!

Guy Friend: Aw Hell Naw, Stop Doin' That Shit!

2. Nihilist: It is impossible to distinguish 'existence' from 'non-existence' as there are no objective qualities, and thus a reality, that one state could possess in order to discern between the two.

Other Philosopher: Aw Hell Naw, Stop Doin' That Shit!

3. Insane Man: All of you need to back the fuck off before I blow this bitch's brains right out of her fucking head!

Police Negotiator: Aw Hell Naw, Stop Doin' That Shit!

4. Friend: Hey, look at that fine girl that came with *insert name here*

Hispanic dude: Aw Hell Naw, Stop Doin' That Shit!

Friend: What?
by Uruk_Mohr February 26, 2010
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