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Spin-off of the name-Avery
Other possible spellings-
Averi, Avri, Averee

An Avree is a goddess. She is smart, beautiful, athletic, and very happy. Her smile alone can cheer anyone up. An Avree is ALWAYS the life of the party, and will stop at nothing to make people laugh. She is hilarious and often dirty-minded. She is a classic prankster. She normally has dark hair and curves like none other. Her smile is bright and amazing. And Avree's hips don't lie.

Most guys love Avree. Not only is she a valuable friend, but she is an amazing lover and knows how to keep her man happy.

But, some guys are intimidated by Avree due to her looks and talent, so she isn't the one with 3 boyfriends at a time.

If you find an Avree, never let her go. At the end of the day, just looking at her will keep you happy. C'mon man. Don't take that for granted.
She's gorgeous! And SO funny and nice!

Have you seen her hips?
Yeah, must be an Avree.
by Trevor Little November 29, 2013
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