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Avondale Middle School is a small intermediate school located in the small city of Rochester Hills, Michigan. It is located next to the Avondale Academy which is basically a daycare for idiots who don't care about school. The mascot of the school is a mustang. The education at Avondale Middle School (AMS) falls greatly behind that of neighboring school districts such as Troy. The kids who attend Avondale Middle School come from the surrounding cities and townships of Troy, BloomField, Auburn Hills, and Pontiac. The school has roughly around 800 students that is made up of mostly minorities (40% African American, 18% Hispanic, 1% Other, and 4% Asian or Asian American.) The remaining 37% is made up of Caucasians, a VERY large portion of the 37% is made up of typical "White Girls," (Uggs, Leggings, WHITE iphones, Starbucks, etc.) The athletic teams at Avondale Kickass due to the high percentage of minorities. A misconception brought upon by others is that AMS is ghetto. But I have to admit, the school is kinda ghetto; it took a full year to get bathroom stalls fixed due to lack of money,the drinking fountains usually take 2-4 months to fix, and the curtains for the theater stage have been literally torn apart. Looking on the brighter side, AMS has a News Broadcasting class called Mustang Connections, new laptops, and have recently got a robotics team. Overall, Avondale Middle School is a ghetto and culturally diverse school.
Avondale Middle School Kid: Can't Wait Till High School! I Hate this School!
by wigglyworm December 08, 2013
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