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Avneeti, often very caring and nice. She is always supportive of you no matter what. She sometimes has a little boy trouble but she gets through it.

If you are ever friends with an Avneeti she will always be there. She will cheer you up when your down and is super hilarious. Avneeti normally has long hair.

Avneeti is a lover. She loves all her family and her friends like family. She is an animal lover. She cares for anything and anyone. If you ever want to be friends with an Avneeti you have to make sure she trusts you. She needs to know she trusts you and that you can trust her.
You always have to be honest with an Avneeti. Honesty is a very big deal if you want to be her friend.

If you ever befriend an Avneeti never let her go!
Avneeti is so sweet! I wish I was an Avneeti
by Vanessa Smith December 04, 2014
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