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Probable future pandemic, classified as H5N1. Virus that is transmitted between animal and human, not yet able to be transferred between humans. In the USA $7 billion have been requested by the President for additional aid to protect the US. Possibly the virus that will kill more than the Bubonic Plague and most other plagues combined. No true cure is in stock, but antibiotics are available, but in short supply.
Doctor: I'm sorry to tell you... you have AIDS.
Patient: Really?
Doctor: No, I'm just messing around... you actually have the Avian Bird Flu. And you only have 36 hours to live...
Patient: WHAT?!?!?!
Doctor: Oh, did I say 36 days? I meant hours... sorry...
Patient: *flatlines*
Doctor: Or perhaps only seconds... oh well.
by BottomlessPitMan December 30, 2005
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The Avian Bird Flu is a strand of influenza that was originally found birds and ducks across North America and Asia. It has since mutated strands and become transferable from avian to avian. Then it mutated again from Avian to human. It is not transferrable human to human at the moment, but inevitably it will mutate and wipe out half the world’s population in a manner of weeks as there is no cure and all vaccines become obsolete once the strand mutates- and it mutates constantly. It is speculated to cause a death toll greater than that of the Spanish Flu. This pandemic is widely overlooked, but it isn't a matter of 'IF' it happens. It is more a matter of 'WHEN' it happens.
When the H5N1 (Avian Bird Flu) strand of influenza becomes transferable from Human to Human it will be a manor of hours before it makes it back to North America. Exporting, Importing and Planes will allow human carriers to cross boarders and oceans and affect their families with the disease. The virus doesn't have symptoms in the first couple days, so you could be a carrier and have no idea- thus infecting your family and loved ones inadvertently.

Wash your hands.
by Dorclington April 02, 2009
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