A "pro" player that gets carried by KNG members and dickrides them to his fame and is dogshit
"That avem is dogshit"
by jhfhuhafuha October 4, 2020
a sentence used as an argument by darius in season 5. the meaning is that the rest of the milsugi family is full of discord obsessed no life weirdos that just dedicate their WHOLE LIFE to discord, wrong in the perspective of rares, only because he dedicates his life to HIS FRIENDS, NOT DISCORD, THUS PROVING THIS IS WRONG!!!
rares: coaie mai dati si voi un semn de viata in plm?
darius: sa stii ca unii dintre noi mai avem si alte treburi, nu ne dedicam viata discordului!!!!!!111
by Raresch06 September 20, 2022