The sensation of shock and angst one cultivates when receiving the aux cord, as they fear people will express distaste to the genre, band, song, or artist you have played for them
Sufferers of Aux Fright will almost always pass on the aux and tend to make excuses as to why the cannot play music.
Example - (Person 1, 2, 3, and 4 are inside Per1's car)
Per1(driving):"Ah shit my phone is dead, can you play some music with yours?"
Per2(in shotgun):" I cant..I don't have Premium"
Per1:"That's fine neither do I, I don't mind"
Per2:"Oh..well...I don't have any playlists or albums in mind"
Per1:"It's cool just pick something, I'll listen to anything"
Per2:" phone just died"
Per1:"Uhm okay..someone else can play something"
Per3:"Lemme get the aux then"
Per2(internally):"Thank fuck, I can't have these people thinking I'm a weirdo because of my music*"

*The music people worry over may or not be abnormal but Aux Fright prevents them from making the risk of becoming a social outkast over their music selection in a car or at a party, anywhere an aux cable is in use (or bluetooth)
by _Lu_Ja_ April 18, 2019
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