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A sick and/or drunk loser who rolls down his car window and shouts unwelcome, explicit comments to a woman or girl walking down the street as he speeds by. Sometimes he simply honks his horn several times and waves or blows kisses. Common comments include remarks about the woman's breast size, "yo bitch!," "hey, sexy!" "suck my dick!" ect. Women who are young, attractive, or have large breasts are more prone to abuse by auto-perverts.

Often the auto-pervert is with one or more of his male friends, but never with his girlfriend for obvious reasons.
I swear, Imma flick off the next auto-pervert who disturbs me when I'm walking to work!

The auto-perverts haven't bothered me lately. Maybe they don't like my short haircut or my weight gain...
by Big-busted "bitch" November 23, 2010
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