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A sexual act that only requires one person.

To auto-fizz one must be sitting in the passenger seat of a car with automatic seats. A pre-shaken soda glass bottle, although if one is not available just a plastic bottle will do, is fastened to the dashboard.

The pant-less lady then spreads her legs up high and wide and uses the automatic buttons on the side to go back and forth on the glass bottle. When the woman is about to climax she unscrews the cap in a mad frenzy and releases a spray of bubbles and fizz onto her labia.This is the act of Auto-Fizzing.

(An alternative act called Faggot-fizzing is available for the men)
Co-worker: I have a serious problem! My boyfriend is out of town for two weeks but i want to stay faithful to him and get my libido satisfied! What do i do!

Me: Go auto-fizzin!!
by Goddess Bunny August 25, 2008
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