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A person with an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of one Authors books (presumably having read them countless times). This person is ready, willing, and able to regurgitate facts, anecdotes, quotes, or other meaningless irrelevance at will about said books in order to impress, though unknowingly they are only highlighting their own utter dullness. This person is very closely related to a Show-off, someone who can recite every detail of TV shows from years or series past.
Normal person “Wow, you say this is the seventh Harry Potter book, seriously how much money does this greedy cow want to make copying Tolkien??”
Nerdlinger “Actually the number seven is lucky in Harry Potter, students attend Hogwarts for seven years and there are seven players on each Quidditch team. Sirius is also imprisoned on the seventh floor of Hogwarts, in fact I’m reading the seventh book for the seventh time ….etc etc”
Normal Person “Errr right, that’s great, you’re a social clothesline and now I find out you’re Authorpedic. If I were you I’d start exclusively reading guides on how to meet women otherwise it's going to get real lonely, Adios you loser.”
by HeyZeusDelSanto August 22, 2010
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