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A combination of a Blumpkin and The Austrian Airstrike.
Like any effective air strike, the Austrian Napalm Strike relies heavily upon communication, timing and accuracy. To assure success requires three willing parties although it can be achieved with a third unwitting party.

One member of the party sits, with buttocks exposed to the cold Austrian breeze, on a window sill a minimum of one floor above street level while another willing participant performs fellatio. Just as orgasm is reached the first member of the pair takes a massive dump out the window.

The third participant, reclining in a deck chair with their hairy chest exposed, then receives the splattering dump of faecal matter followed closely by the jizz spat from the mouth of the fellator.
*Reclining shirtless in a lawn chair*
Kane: “OK guys I’m ready for your Austrian Napalm Strike”

*Sitting on window sill*
Matt: “Thank god, I’ve been holding this dump in for ages and my balls are blue, get to it Dan.”

Matt: “OK Dan I’m about to blow, get ready to hot-potato my napalm onto Kane while take a shit”

Kane: “awwww yeah…”
by Jeff Da Maori Ow October 10, 2013
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