A sexual act that can be done to a woman by both a male or female that is executed when you are fingering your girl and she says go deeper and so you start fisting...but that's just not enough. She asks for you to go deeper so you are shoulder deep but she's just not fucking satisfied. Eventually you begin to insert your head, ultimately reverse birthing yourself. Once you are in all the way to your belly button, you will be sucked into the great black hole. At this point you can turn around in the vag to poke your head out and look at your surroundings, much like a Joey in a mother kangaroo's pouch.
Josh-"Hey Ally how are you doing"
Ally-"I'm fine, how are you"
Josh-"I'm good"
*phone rings from vaginal area*
Josh-"Woah Ally do you have a phone in your pussy?"
Jacob, Ally's boyfriend-"Nah man that was just my phone ringing, we did the Australian Kangaroo last night."
by DaddyMcCrea January 09, 2017
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The act of shitting on someones chest, and then jumping up and down on them like a kangaroo.
"I saw your girlfriend last night."
"Oh really."
"Yeah, I did the Australian Brown Kangaroo!"
"You asshole!"
by TheBloodyAussie July 17, 2012
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