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The density of Australian Bush Monkey increases closer to public parks in all major Australian cities. These monkeys are often found in 'tribes' which have the soul intention of robbing you of your petrol and all other belongings, although they tend to have low IQ, therefore most expensive items you hold are too complex for the simpleton mind of these monkeys. The scientific name for the Australian Bush Monkey is Aboriginal, or the native boong. They are distinguished by the broad nose of which one could land a plane on. They will tend to retain a strong scent of urine and fecal matter as they are unable to understand the intricate workings of a shower. Many studies show burning of the floorboards within free housing provided to the boongs occurs at a rate of 95%. Another distinguishing factor of the native boong is that they constantly talk about how the white man has stolen their land, and that they deserve reimbursement so they can continue to live like the savages they are. This species truly is one of the most foul and invasive ones known to white man kind. Eradication seems to be the most plausible route for such a species.
Dave: Hey man, look at those filthy Australian Bush Monkeys over there, they look like they want to steal something!
Joe: Yeah they really are scum aren't they.
by ajaxsprayandwipe May 23, 2018
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