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A common species of female that has been known to exist in the Winston-Salem and DC regions. This species is often awkward and attempts to do crazy shit. The species is also very clumsy often walking into things when they are going places. They also think that they are the coolest; some might call them trend followers. They are also known to get fired up at times, often seen running unexpectedly to wherever they go. They dislike cats as they are always looking for cats to murder. Often naive and unknowing it is common to also spot them in the woods as they have been known to LOVE snipe hunts. But in the end this species is harmless as it merely floats through its life looking for direction.
"Hey Austin Conger do you think you could catch a snipe for me?"
Responce "Sure, but im not very good at it as I have never caught one before"

"Hey Austin Conger look out for that lamp post!"
Responce "To late... thats gonna leave a bruse."

"No don't kill the kitty!"
Responce "To late its already in pieces"
by A Co-Worker May 22, 2012
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