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Austin is the type of dude to get on urban dictionary and write the truth about him and not a bunch of bullshit to make him feel better about his pride. Even though people will try to say that this is a "write about yourself to make you look good" scenario. Well it's not. Austin is not the best looking man in the room nor the nicest, but he knows where he stands. He can be harsh when stepped on and puzzled when he thinks faster than he talks. He cares about what you say as long as you talk to him like a human, not a dog. He can become attached to someone, but only when he truly cares for them. He can be patient if not pushed, and he can bear a lot of stress. Just don't push your luck. Austin can be a great person to be around but only if you take the time to understand him. He can be out going and he can be annoying, but he can also make the worse seem bearable. He is the type of guy that wants to be there for you, but only if you want him there. He can take the weight off your shoulder's and give you hope when nothing is left. I hope you understand what a Austin can be, only if you want him to be.
Becky:That Austin Bizzell guy seems like a jerk....
Brianna: You should get to know him, he is only mean to those who trample on him.
Becky: What do you know anyway, Brianna?

Brianna: I know that he is there for me when I need him.
by Lil Lover 69 July 12, 2017
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