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A guy that is really sweet, attractive, smart, funny, sexy and is just all around amazing. He is the type of guy that makes your heart beat fast and slow all at the same time. He's amazingly talented at nearly everything he does. He has a voice that is to die for, and has the most captivating brown eyes. His redish-brown hair adds to his amazing look. His personality is one of a kind, and you'd be lucky to find someone like him. Austin is not afraid to be himself, nor does he care what others think of him because he knows who he is. He knows how to treat a woman, and when he loves you he loves you all the way. If you meet an Austin, you should most certainly get to know him. You definitely won't regret it. He will be the love of your life, and he will know just how to cheer you up no matter what.
I love you Austin Fornash!
by LienaLou November 13, 2011
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