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A sexual position in which the female partner lies on her back with her thighs/upper legs lifted up as far as possible, using her hands to clasp her knees in order to maintain the position. This position inhibits any significant movement and places the female partner in an exciting position from the male partner's perspective, since it leaves the vulva, vagina and anus exposed and vulnerable to any desired attention - penile, manual or visual. The position is named due to the resemblance of the female partner to an inverted or upside down frog. In France, where the position is particularly popular, it is known as La Grenouille d'Australie".
"I thought Angie was pretty shy but this morning she demo'd the Aussie Frog and asked me to paint a C to C. Better than breakfast I'll tell you"
by Fiona BR July 15, 2017
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