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Ausperity (n.)
A portmanteau combining the best of ‘austerity’ and ‘prosperity’ to describe a way of life for the modern age. The enjoyment of the finer things and the appearance of being a high-flyer while actually keeping firmly within one’s means. A baller on a budget; a player on a monthly paycheck; a social doyenne on the dole.

Ausperity was first outlined in a book of the same name by Lucy Tobin.
Since I’ve become a follower of ausperity, I’ve saved hundreds on my fortnightly dinner parties.

What’re you doing throwing away your salary on that rubbish? Have you never heard of ausperity?

It’s because I’ve been following the principles of ausperity that I can now afford this holiday. Cheerio!
by Digitalquercus October 10, 2012
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