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A hawaian girl who loves My Little Pony and Anime and makes the perfect best friend in the entire world, shes beautiful like a model, and even with flaws she still is absolutely genuinely perfect , shes modest and self conscious so she wont admit it, but she is, shes smart and funny, and she can cheer anyone up with her amazing smile and her wonderful personality. She is very loved and vauled even if she doesnt realize it. Though not everyone can see the wonderfulness in her heart, they are blinded by envy of her genuine personality. Audreen makes the perfect Penguin Buddy, because once a penguin finds their soulmate, they stay together forever, and like a true friend, she will always be there by your side through thick and thin, forever. Audreen must be cheerish and treated like little princess because she deserves no less! Audreen is pure awesome and hilarious, and she is a wonderful best friend that anyone should be proud to know.
Friend #1: Audreen is so pretty!
Friend #2: IKR!? I really wish she could see how beautiful and wonderful she is!
Friend #1: I love Audreen, she's such a great friend
Friend #2: Agreed!!
Audreen: LIES!
Friend #2: SEE!?
Friend #1: Its okay, even if she does'nt agree, its still true!
by AudreensBestFriend July 07, 2012
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