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Men value youth, beauty, physique and so forth and they assume women value that in men too. They assume the opposite sex is attracted to the same things as they are attracted to.

A woman’s attraction circuitry projection will assume that men value personality and charisma because she is attracted to personality and charisma.

Both sexes are only right to a certain extent: a man may be attracted to personality but only for 10%, the other 90% is youth and beauty. And a woman may be attracted to youth and beauty but only for 10%, while she's attracted to personality and charisma for 90%.

These assumptions both sexes make lead to much confusion and frustration: men start complaining about women and vice versa and the battle of the sexes is the ultimate result of this.

Attraction Circuitry Projection used to be a term used by a pick up artist and by coaches of pick up artists such as Real Social Dynamics and others, but was later brought under the attention of the mainstream media by people like Dennis Miedema, but also by several radioshows and sites for pick up artists such as Pualingo.
A guy will (consciously or subconsciously) chase women by striving to gain the materialistic things in life: muscles, a job, a steady income, a house, a fancy car, and so forth thinking that women will be attracted to that.

Meanwhile women are turned off by guys who like to show off their muscles, cars, money and so on because they seek personality and charisma instead of braggers and boasters.

This is a typical example of Attraction Circuitry Projection.
by dennis miedema August 19, 2010
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