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A form of Attention Deficit in which suffers zone out while listening to the radio, only to be jolted back to consciousness when a truly awful song has hit the radio or their playlist. While this often occurs in a public audio forum of some sort – in an office cubicle, at party they are hosting, or in the car on a date; acute embarrassment is also experienced by those listening to a personal device through headphones, or listening to music while alone.

More typical still, is that the song is more than halfway through before the ADRD sufferer realizes – heightening the feeling of embarrassment or confusion at having been caught listening to Richard Marx/Vanilla Ice/Journey/Ricky Martin/The Baha Men, the Electric Slide, or country and western music for a number of minutes.

It should be pointed out that triggers for ADRD vary widely person to person, and clique to clique.
John knew his Attention Deficit Radio Disorder (ADRD) had again affected his chance of being taken seriously at work - he didn't realize until his boss was walking past his cubicle, that Smoke Two Joints by Sublime was cranking on his speakers.
by therealdealy February 01, 2009
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