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Named after the scene in "Scott Pilgrim Vs the world" where one of the villains Matt Patel crashed into the club where Scott and his band was playing and then starts the first fight scene of the movie. The point in a movie, t.v series or videogame where the first few minutes or episodes are boring, average, or over all not impressive, but then something completely out of the blue happens and the rest is beyond anyone's first impressions.
The first thirteen episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood seemed like boring exposition and looked rushed, but when Bradley was carving up Greed like a turkey, this series was then Attacked by Patel.

At first Back to the Future seemed like an average movie. But the minute the Delorian hit 88mph, I knew I was just Attacked by Patel.
by Lor-D May 22, 2011
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