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Basically, the greatest low budget porn-o ever!, Three men dressed as pterodactyls run after a fleeing women, when she fallsover, they proceed to have sex with her...

Not only this, but a hand puppet "pecks" at her Tuna Canoe, AND the glory hole in the pterodactly suit only allows penis out, and not the testies, making the porn-o hilarious.
Guy 1: Hey, you even seen Attack Of The Flying Lizards?

Guy 2: No...

Guy 1: Here I'll show you it...

Guy 2: Oh! what the hell! Why are they dressed as pterodactlys!?!, and why is a hand puppet giving her oral!?! AND why is there just shaft coming out the costume! Thats fucked up!
by JohnBitch April 25, 2009
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